My talks and workshops aim to help with exploring, understanding and managing eco-anxiety and distress about the climate and ecological crisis.

Whether with schools, parent groups, youth activist groups, counsellors and psychotherapists or a general audience - online or in person - I offer talks and workshops, grounded in many years of research and experience, on climate psychology, emotional resilience and mental health.

During these sessions it is possible to explore different stories, narratives and images around our defences against the 'difficult truths' we are facing and leave those attending better equipped to understand and manage the challenging and complex feelings that can arise in response to our current ecological crises.

My Tedx Talk, Psychological Barriers to Climate Change, my presentation, Eco-anxiety to Eco-action for the Natural History Museum and my appearance on the World Health Organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals webinar, A Generation Worried Sick about the Climate Crisis, give a little taste of my work. I have also presented a Guardian Masterclass on eco-anxiety. See my Media page for a full list.


Previous talks

London Climate Action Week (June 2021)

Popular Science 2021

Natural History Museum – Eco-anxiety into Eco-action 19th April 2021

London Climate Action Week Climate Psychology Panel (Nov 2020) Navigating the emotional overwhelm of the climate crisis - panel at LCAW

EAUC Global Climate Conference – keynote (Nov 2020)

WHO panel Millenial SDG’s A generation worried sick about the climate crisis (Nov 2020)

Guardian Masterclass (Oct 2020) Guardian Live Panel (Feb 2020) One Young World Bath Conference – Panel discussion & Workshop for Youth Climate Activists (March 2020)

Conversation with Naresh Giangrande (climate crisis & hope)

University of Bath Minerva Lecture on Climate Crisis & Young People with Elouise Mayall UK Youth Climate Coalition) (July 2020)

Conservation Optimism Conference Workshop (2019) & Youth Activist Workshops (2020)

Scotland CPA conference on youth activism & climate crisis (November 2019)

Local Council of Youth conference keynote on climate crisis & young people (November 2019)

UKCP Conference on Climate Change conversation with Tree Staunon (2019)