Psychotherapy for yourself, for couples or families can help with living a more authentic life, heal old wounds and bring meaning and acceptance.

In therapy we will explore the meaning of events and relationships in your life to help you re-shape and reimagine different futures for yourself. We will examine how you can fall into repeat patterns of communication between you and others, and also behavior that does not take you forwards into the life you want to be living, or hurts in ways that do not make sense.

Through facing struggles and challenges we can transform these into a deeper and more meaningful life. The splits and disconnection we feel between parts of ourselves, and between ourselves and others/the world can appear as depression, anxiety, loneliness, eating disorders and self-harming behavior. Our relationships with our partners, parents and children can be characterised by conflict and power struggles, we can struggle to be authentic and 'real' in the world.

Psychotherapy for yourself, for couples or families can help to heal these splits and disconnection, help you to live a more authentic life, help heal old wounds from childhood and bring meaning and acceptance through connection with body, mind, heart, spirit, soul and nature.

My psychotherapy approach is based on psychodynamic, analytic, jungian, ecopsychology and archetypal approaches. Therapeutically it is concerned with soul making, storytelling, listening to and exploring dreams, metaphors and images, art and the imaginal.