Links to my podcasts, press interviews and news articles


With the Climate Psychology Alliance and Parity Audio, I created a series of podcasts on Climate Psychology & Eco-Anxiety - ‘Climate Crisis Conversations - Catastrophe or Transformation’. The full programme can be found here.

And here are a few samples:

Eco-anxiety, Eco-despair … or maybe Eco-empathy?

Climate Change, Grief and Hope

Climate Change in the Therapy Room


The End of the World Has Already Happened (Timothy Morton Documentary BBC Radio 4) (BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour) (BBC Radio 4 Costing the Earth, Eco Anxiety, May 2019)

Press Interviews

Singapore News Eco-Anxiety (July 2021)

Psychotherapy & eco-anxiety (April 2021)

The Guardian (8th October 2020)

Rolling Stone (27th March 2020)

UKCP New Psychotherapist (Autumn, 2019)

Time Magazine (21st Nov 2019)

New Scientist (12th October 2019)

New Scientist (21st Oct 2019)

The Guardian (8th Dec 2019)